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    New group for tactical voting and vote swapping

    Hi everyone,


    Hello everyone, I've set up this new group because I wish to explain and encourage both tactical voting and vote swapping in my community. I'm terrified that if party tribalism prevails and people don't think very carefully about whether their vote is wasted in our first past the post system, then we'll end up with 5 years of liar Johnson and a horrendous Brexit. For example, I'm a natural Lib dem voter but don't think they can win in Battersea, so I have swapped my vote for big remainer Marsha de Cordova for a Lib dem vote in Lewes (by a Labour voter and climate activist down there), which hopefully results in two remain seats in Parliament.

    I've also spoken to several of my family who are in seats where only the tories will win, so they need to vote swap too, and you can use this site https://www.swapmyvote.uk/.

    What I did was find a seat where Lib dems are the only chance to unseat Tories (there are many in Devon/Cornwall I believe) but I happen to know Lewes well. I joined a local facebook group, made my offer of a swap and found a lady I trust completely. It's really quite straightforward and if enough people think about doing this, we can STOP BREXIT! Thank you and I hope you will join and invite your friends in the neighbourhood.

    If you have already decided to vote tactically but would also like to express your true political inclination, then you might want to put one of these up in your front window, or the back of your car!

    There is also a similar group on Next Door for those of you who are also on that platform. you need to logged in to your ND account for this link to work. https://nextdoor.co.uk/g/gwghqi36q/?is=nav_bar

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