• Event: Natural Hair Festival Curlytreats 2021

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 19.06.2021. Start Time: 12:00

    Location: Crystal Palace Park SE2 66UR

    This festival is for all who are:

    - In need of encouragement & inspiration on your healthy hair journey.
    - Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair or newly natural.
    - Natural but a wearer of protective hairstyles, e.g. braids, wigs, weaves, etc.
    - Seeking hair care education about how to grow healthy natural hair.
    - A parent of a child with curls, coils, fro or locs.
    - Thinking about giving up the harmful chemicals from relaxers.
    - Learn what ingredients are good for natural hair
    - Get discounted beauty products and discover new brands.
    - Interested in celebrating your natural hair and beauty.
    - Seeking hands-on training and knowledge from the experts