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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 3 months ago

    Are we heading for a national lockdown? Will London be next? Have the majority given up wearing masks and self distancing? Will closing pubs at 10pm make a difference? If London commuters are given a free day of public transport, under a plan being considered to help revive the city economy, will this make the situation worse?
    Picture is Camden on Saturday. I was in Orpington on Saturday evening, restaurants were packed with all tables close together and staff not wearing masks or sheilds, customers entering take aways without masks and no one walking in the high street wearing a mask or self distancing. Friends say it is the same all over London. Have you given up?

    • @Ve... I think that a lot of people all over the country are getting fed up as you say, the pressure..

    • Watching the briefing on TV now, very worrying.

    • @Ro... Yes and depressing

    • The way I see it is we will still be able to do most things as long as it means spending money. Not ..

    • @Al... Our main Tesco's here in Norwich still insist you enter with a mask, they will provide one if..

    • Vallance and Whitty were doing a good job with the scaremongering this morning.

    • Scaremongering? What if they are correct? It becomes an accurate assessment of the situation.

    • Maybe the scare tactics are needed to make more people take more notice of the rules.

    • @Jo... why do you say it is "scaremongering" and "scare tactics"? The photo in the OP is real, the..

    • Why do people need to meet in pubs? Is this the problem and the reason the virus is spreading again?..

    • I can't see the point of closing pubs and restaurants at 10pm when they have been open all day, the ..

    • Agree, I heard someone bemoaning this on the radio and they said they'll just have to go out earlier..

    • I agree @Bo.... Everyone needs to realise we are living in a new world, a new norm, embrace it rathe..

    • Strict rules should have been set for distancing in pubs and where landlords ignored it they should ..

    • Unfortunately, what it's going to need to get the message across is for some of the non-believers to..

    • There was a time pubs were only open certain times of the day anyway. I'm torn with this - I can und..

    • @Se... Quite so but some restaurants/pubs seem to be managing it all so why not others?

    • @An... - 90% of the time it's the people, not the place, mass gatherings, demonstrations, etc.

    • @Se... Yes, but if places don't set up the distancing and just let everybody in then that's the pro..

    • They can have as many rules as they like but with no enforcement large members of the public will ig..

    • Even the newspapers, the Mail and the Mirror, have called the experts "doom laden". Walked down Roch..

    • So are you saying if they close the doors the drinking can merrily continue as they haven't called l..

    • I mean they close the doors at 10pm after they have got everyone to leave. They are not going to hav..

    • A lot of it must come down to cost - a bouncer at every public house, two in some areas - can't come..

    • @Se... Well what's better, absorbing the cost or maybe being shut down?

    • @An... - not meaning to be provocative - apologies if I sound it - the reason for opening them at all..

    • @Se... No, you don't sound it. I understand what you are saying but I thought pubs were supposed to..

    • I went to see Dagenham & Redbridge play a pre-season friendly yesterday. It was a pilot game approve..

    • @Al... The "if" is the problem.

    • I work in retail and will have to wear a face mask from now on. I’m dreading it. It will be even mor..

    • @Sa... Would a visor be more comfortable ?.

    • @Al... I’ve sent off for one to try. Apparently we have to wear them behind the screen on till too. ..

    • Had trouble making the chemist understand me with mask on.

    • @Sa... - read just now (MailonLine) visors are not very good. I certainly don't envy you having to we..

    • I hate wearing a mask, I do whenever I go out and try not to moan. Makes me realise and admire NHS s..

    • @Se... luckily I only do 4 hours but still dreading it. I love chatting to most of the regulars so ..

    • Whenever I've been in Orpington town centre there have been more people wearing a mask than not. NHS..

    • @Mi... I beg to differ, NHS staff do seem to be wearing masks in all public facing roles now. Ho..

    • Yes they are wearing masks now. Vera was saying they have been wearing masks for years.

    • Yes @Mi... they have been wearing masks for years, in all operating theatre, specialist blood sa..

    • Was there a case of Influenza on your husbands ward? I ask because when my dad was in hospital earli..

    • My wife and I both felt more comfortable today whilst out shopping, now shopping assistants are also..

    • @Ro... - apparently visors aren't that good and should be used with mask as well. But, I agree, bet..

    • @Se... Its hard to know what to do for the best but as you say something is better than nothing and..

    • Went to High Street today and not all shop assistants wearing masks. Not in Co-op, Wilko or Sainsbur..

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