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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 2 years ago

    MPs plan to prevent possible suspension of parliament


    To me the discussion of suspending parliament feels a bit like a red herring, the real issue is to get legislation through to prevent Johnson from doing what he wants to do. But some of the legal discussions around this I do not get. Main issue remains that Johnson does not have to do anything to get his no-deal Brexit.
    • Im more worried about red Tories like John Mann and Kate Hoey siding with the far-right Brexiteers.

    • Its just been announced Johnson is to ask the queen for permission to suspend parliament in an attem..

    • Interesting to see her is going to Scotland to meet the Queen today. Jacob Rees Moog

    • Well there is little the Queen can do ( without more or less ending the monarchy ) than agree. In ot..

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