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    More congestion predicted due to Vauxhall Bridge works

    Motorists are being warned to expect heavy traffic delays in Battersea, Nine Elms and surrounding areas for the next 17 weeks, after TFL plans to close Vauxhall Bridge for essential repairs.

    The bridge closed on Sunday (August 9), and is not expected to reopen until November. Only pedestrians, cyclists and southbound buses will be allowed to access it.

    There are concerns that works on other bridges, including Hammersmith and Wandsworth Bridge, have already caused traffic build ups.

    Wandsworth’s transport spokesman Cllr John Locker said:

    “It is disappointing that TfL will be closing this important river crossing with little advance warning and hardly any consultation.

    “Of course it goes without saying that key infrastructure must be properly maintained, but the timing of this closure is not taking into account the works already underway at Wandsworth Bridge and the ongoing and seemingly intractable problem of getting Hammersmith Bridge reopened.

    “The knock-on effects of this will likely be significant extra congestion across Battersea and Nine Elms, which will become more acute once schools reopen and more lockdown measures are eased.

    “Even at this late stage it is not too late for TfL to have a rethink and wait until the surface works at Wandsworth Bridge are complete.”

    However, Transport for London says that the work on the 166-year old steel bridge is critical, and will keep the capital moving.


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