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  • Milk deliveries?

    Hello, as I am trying to reduce plastic use I'm looking for a milk (wo)man to deliver milk/juice in old fashioned glass bottles. Does anyone know if there any that deliver around Elm Park area? Failing that, do any of the supermarket sell milk in glass bottles instead? It would really help me, we use a lot of milk (tea addicts) and would save us loads of unnecessary plastic.
    • I've always had my milk delivered and now get it in glass bottles from Milk & More. Have a look onli..

    • We have our milk delivered in bottles, cant say who delivers it as they changed so much over the yea..

    • A second vote for Milk&More. They do organic milk, eco-friendly cleaners, bread and garden compost (..

    • Funny to be talking about this, as in todays Sun it was saying about more people are having milk del..

    • Thanks, I will check Milk&More.

    • Fantastic for the environment

    • We need less vehicles on the streets not more bloody ridiculous

    • I've googled Milk & More and I'm impressed. Good for housebound people but no good if you haven't go..

    • @Te..., if several people in an area order (instead of popping to the shops) then only one vehicle ..

    • Quick look - Kingsmill bread = rubbish

    • @Bo..., true, I like to bake my own bread, nothing's better.

    • My local Co-op stopped doing Hovis ages ago and now do Kingsmill and their own [which is good] but t..

    • Never attempted bread making

    • @Bo..., I cheat and use a breadmaker to make the dough. Then I bake it in the oven as I like the cru..

    • i couldn't be bothered with it all, only me here and only have 2 small slices a day - sometimes none..

    • hatty h, you dont just live off milk most buy their milk from the supermarkets when the buy their ge..

    • Really @Te...? I think a lot of people pop out for bread, milk etc. in between their supermarket ma..

    • Yes they do but milk keeps in a fridge for about a week, have a man to deliver is totally wrong, we ..

    • As I said before we have a milkman who comes everyday. but that is for my husbands milk, semi skimme..

    • Mary why cant the milkman come twice a week ?

    • Coming back to the original post if the supermarkets sold milk in glass bottles who would clean the ..

    • Terry he comes three times a week, not with my milk but for his. To buy full fat milk from the milkm..

    • Terry, with regards to your comment "who would clean the returned bottles", my idea about buying mil..

    • If everyone recycled glass milk bottles in a bin they would be lost to the milk companies forever an..

    • I'm not sure whether the single-use plastic or glass is more harmful to the environment. It would de..

    • I have a fresh fish man and an organic vegetable man too. Tried only once to make bread and it was a..

    • @Ch..., it sounds like you could have varnished it and made a stepping stone! My eldest sends me bo..

    • Hatty. I certainly could have. It was solid and stayed purpling on the garden all Winter until I chu..


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