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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 2 years ago

    McCluskey switches sides?


    Looks like even McCluskey switches to remain now, seems there is a lot of pressure from his base.
    • I had the misfortune to meet McCluskey when I was a union rep twenty odd years ago. Not a man to be ..

    • Tell me the name of a politician or union rep that can be trusted and I will vote for them

    • I still trust Corbyn,and have to trust any politician that tries to stop Brexit. I was a union man a..

    • The issue is that I have no idea whatsoever what Corbyn is up to when it comes to Brexit. He also mi..

    • He has been consistently saying for some time now the priority is a general election and a peoples v..

    • Its is legally disputed though if the EU can suspend article 50 without consent of the UK government..

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