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    Masks - is it really worth wearing them anymore ?

    Masks are said not to protect us but to stop us spreading Covid to others, of 6 people in my local Co-op I was the only one wearing a mask so what is protecting me from the no maskers ?
    • @Bo... distance! Stay away from them as much as you can.

    • @Ch... I try to but it's a small shop

    • @Bo... that's exactly what I've been thinking. But I feel more confident wearing one, and hopefully ..

    • I still wear mine except outdoors at a garden centre or park. I don't know why but I keep forgetting..

    • Doesn't it give you some protection from their germs

    • I’d advise people to take all precautions that they can. Don’t follow the non maskers because you fe..

    • I will be wearing mine in all enclosed places for a long time to come and am not going to worry abou..

    • My social club starts up again next week and people won't be able to wear masks in there because we ..

    • @Bo... you can still wear the mask going in, moving between tables or facilities . Stay safe

    • I am continuing to wear mine - I wish more people would, but I don't feel it's logical to not wear m..

    • All people with at least one working brain cell should still wear a face mask inside stores or anyot..

    • I noticed all the screens between tills at Sbyrs had been removed

    • @Bo... That doesn't seem like an ideal place to go at the moment. You'll be relying on other people ..

    • @An... That is stupidity beyond belief. What is wrong with these people?

    • @Bo... Well done for continuing to wear one. So do I, as it's habit now - and no big deal - just mig..

    • @Ha... it does seem to depend on where you are, and on the attitude of the shop owners too. My wife we..

    • @Ha... All the smart ones are still wearing their masks when in close proximity to other people, so yo..

    • The Office of National Statistics records that between 500,000 and 600,000 people die in the UK ever..

    • @Bo...

      All the right reason to wear a mask in a confined space with non-masked people

    • One good thing was that due to restrictions and masks there was no flu epidemic as in other years. S..

    • @Jo... That's all we need, another David Icke. No doubt you're also a fully paid up member of "The Fl..

    • @Jo... Seriously do you not remember all those deaths and hospitals being overwhelmed all around the ..

    • @Ch... we do this with ours at work...sitting is fine maskless but moving around our clients we..

    • @Un... thanks but it has been shut for 18 months so everyone is wanting to see each other agai..

    • @So... There are a few people in these forums who have lost loved ones, and have relatives and fr..

    • @Ma... The consensus is... the wearing of a mask will not necessarily prevent you from catching Covi..

    • @Jo... The World Health Organization declared Covid a pandemic on 11 March 2020 https://pubmed.ncbi.n..

    • @Ro...

      Sorry I disagree with your view totally.

      "One good thing was that due to restrictions and ..

    • I only put a mask on for bus journeys and twice this week, because the bus was already at the stop a..

    • @Mi... if I was in a shop where the staff said that I think I would leave.

    • @Bo... look carefully at the sign


    • After almost 18 months of Covid and still at over 38,000 new cases per day, with 48 million having b..

    • @Ry... I believe even now we have around 6,000 in hospital.

    • @Ro...

      The bug is out of control and no medical authority or Government has a damned clue what to ..

    • I've always thought it would be survival of the fittest and I still think like that. No matter what ..

    • @Ry... they are relying on the vaccines and the protection against severe Covid that it gives. It is..

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      1 month ago
    • @An... long Covid seems to be hitting so many people that were very fit and much younger too. It’s ea..

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      1 month ago
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      1 month ago
    • @Ro... Yes, it's a bad situation. To be honest, I'm finding everything very depressing with not a l..

    • @An...

      It's the world as a whole that's so depressing; mostly man-made

    • @An... I am sorry to hear that and hope you will soon have something wonderful to look forward to and..

    • @Or...

      Apart from natural disasters, man has caused infinitely more damage to the world, the envir..

    • @Ry... I agree but we have to be grateful for the good things we have and that we are still here.

    • @Ro...

      Such gratitude is time related. As the years and Centuries pass by, mankind will progressiv..

    • @Ry... well I’d rather smile than frown if at all possible


    • @Or... Yes and a lot of it is a whole lot worse off than we are. I should stop being ungrateful.

    • @Ro... Thank you. It's just an ongoing problem that is getting me down (it's never ending) and bein..

    • @An... It would do you the world of good. Get your ticket 🎫

    • My SIL lost an uncle a week ago, he lived in Wales owned a camp site. All his family met up at the c..

    • @Ma... Crikey, that's a bit scary

    • @An... I know. My son has gone to Wales for a 3 day golf tournament. I didn't know about this till af..

    • @Ma... Very sorry to hear that, Mary😭. I'm grateful I haven't lost any members of my family to Covid..

    • @Ma... Sincerely hope your son is ok, Mary. Has he managed to get hold of any self testing kits, jus..

    • @Un... I have no idea. I've text him but he never gets back. It could be a week before he answ..

    • @Ma... If it's any consolation my son who is now 40 is exactly the same. And everything that's going..

    • @Un... I seem to be lucky (or maybe not). I see/hear my sons a lot which is great but then I k..

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