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  • Community News: Lockdown Diary Day 7: No Bread, but there is still cake..

    Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 8 months ago

    Ok, I knew i wouldn't be able to write daily and I might not have counted the days correctly. On the upside: my cough is almost gone and my lunges stopped hurting, too.

    I am not a medical expert but I guess it is a good sign? Looking forward to getting that self-test in my local off-licence soon, as it was promised last week..

    Having not left the house for 10 days, I wonder how the shopping situation has developed. I am all good on the toilet paper front, but might have to venture out next weekend for some other basics. Last time I've been to the local shop there was no bread, I guess it is still the same? I still have some cake at home so feeling a bit Marie Antoinette-ish. #covid19 #coronavirus

    • @Ci... glad you are feeling better. The shops seem to be almost back to normal with only pasta be..

    • @Ci... 👍 It's recovery time now, your immune system will need help to boost it up to fight anoth..

    • @Or... well the bizarre thing is that because there are was no way to get tested (unless you are ve..

    • I still can't get frozen peas,baked beans,tinned toms for my delivery tomorrow. Had to pick 3 differ..

    • @Ci... it is a tough one as it’s usually the time when there’s flu about anyway and even that can..

    • @Bo... doesn’t make sense as there are plenty of those things back in the shops now, even toilet rol..

    • @Ch... It's pure pot luck with every visit to the shop 🤞

    • @Or... it seems pretty consistent here but we only go out occasionally as advised. Even helping sev..

    • @Ch... I used to stock up every day; two bagfuls each time, but since the lock down, it's only ..

    • ....otherwise husband will spend all day, and every day sitting on his recliner, he will soon turn i..

    • @Ci... Ideally, there should be more testing

    • @Or... I was lucky to actually have cupboards quite full before it all started, so I used up a lot ..

    • @Ci... glad to hear you've turned the corner. Must be all those Pot noodles you had stored.

    • @Ci... We have a full house with all 6 of us, I shop daily to top up on the special offers, I hav..

    • i wore a face mask today and household gloves to put out bins for dustmen I did get strange looks an..

    • @C1... I am surprised, every other person around here are wearing 😷 masks. At least no one will recogn..

    • @Ch... i havent been out for 10 days a good neighbour knocked on my door got 2 bags of shopping..

    • Very sensible. I am glad you have good neighbours that have bought shopping in for you. Keep safe

    • @Ch... i did look on eBay but they were asking 248 pounds for i think it was 10 face masks last..

    • @C1... it is disgraceful how people have profited from outrageous pricing of items that were only penn..

    • To make you smile