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  • Community News: Lockdown Diary Day 14: A Letter from the Prime Minister

    Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 7 months ago

    So today I got a letter from the prime minister himself, well, it is signed by him.
    Ironically, while it says "a vital update" on the envelope, I could not find any new information inside. Not that I expected much, but I am actually a bit surprised they went through the effort (and cost) of sending the letters. #coronavirus #lockdown #covid19

    • Got mine today, days 'stay indoors'. - first I've heard of that. !!

    • @Ci... did yours come with a leaflet? Hubby also received another document asking him if he neede..

    • @Ch... Mine came with an extra colour printed leaflet with general tips like handwashing instru..

    • Yes that’s the one 😄 the other one hubby got came separately like a postcard asking him if he needed..