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  • Community News: Lockdown Diary Day 1: My first SMS from the Government

    Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 8 months ago

    Didn't feel that different from the last ten days or so I stayed at home.

    On the upside, it was the first time the government send me a text message. I did not reply though. Went for a run in the park in late afternoon (yes, this is permitted), there were at least a hundred people doing all kind of things.. #coronavirus #lockdown #covid19

    • Can I ask whether you got that text because you are one of the 1.5 million at risk. (If that’s not t..

    • @Ch... I do not think so, because two weeks ago when I felt rather ill the NHS told me I am not..

    • I got one too, Charlotte, and I'm not in that 1.5 million category.

    • @Ci... oh then there’s some confusion out there. As someone else on here mentioned they had a tex..

    • @Ch... I think they asked providers to send it to everyone, peobably takes a day or so for all ..

    • Sending to 'everyone'. I received mine this afternoon, but this evening at work all 10 of our handse..

    • @Ci... , have you been working from home?

    • Seems like my entire family have been missed . I think I have already got the message though 👍

    • I too had one yesterday. I had just put on my shoes and, as I was putting on my coat, a text arrived..