Loop: Burnham

  • Keep your possessions safe

    We carry our lives around with us on our mobile phones and they can be one of our most expensive possessions.
    Some would be completely lost without their personal devices.
    And sometimes we use them when out and about and forget how valuable it actually is and who else might want to get their hands on our electrical devices.
    Thieves can be watching and waiting for that momentary lapse in concentration when we are distracted by what is on the phone and they will literally snatch it out of our hands.

    * Be discreet when using the phone
    * Pay attention to your surroundings as well as what is on the phone
    *Be aware of putting the phone down in shops or places to eat, pop in in a pocket or you bag until you are finished.

    Make is harder for thieves to make you and your possessions a target.

Loop Description


Neighbourhood loop for Burnham, Buckinghamshire