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    Flu outbreak stretches NHS resources.
    This was the BBC headline...in 2000.http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/january/6/newsid_2477000/2477943.stm
    Office of National Statistics published these figures.
    Total deaths in England & Wales were 608,000 in 2020-21.Population 60 million.
    Total deaths in England and Wales were 538,000 in 2000-01Population 52 million
    This shows that the pandemic wasn't the huge prpblem the press and policians would have you believe? In fact the death rate was worse in 2000-01.

    Your thoughts please.
    • I think we know where we are with Flu. Yes it's a killer but it's been around long enough for the bo..

    • I don't think you can compare the Flu with Covid. No Country was prepared for a Global Pandemic and ..

    • @Jo... If the daily death toll from Covid is still to be reported, it's long past time it was put int..

    • There are far too many deaths from both - are the vaccines not working?

    • @Ve... Receiving the vaccine is not a guarantee of not dying from Covid. These are some of the categ..

    • @Jo... I am lost for words! That anyone should ask how bad it was . Trivialising 😡 Maybe you didn’t l..

    • @Te... no test to determine "spreaders", which I feel should be important.

      I'm not sure if I'm one..

    • @Te... Make that a twenty year average and let's start getting to the truth.

      If so many people di..

    • @Da...

      Since the subject has been raised, I have lost four friends and family members since March ..

    • @Jo... Funeral directors would know there was a death, but would not necessarily know the full circum..

    • ‘Was’ the pandemic, Joss? You really think it’s all over?

    • @Te...

      For information Government Guidance publcly available >>>"Those handling bodies of the dec..

    • @Jo... How does reading the guidance tell funeral directors the cause of death? They would probably t..

    • I ask myself one obvious question. Why would every country in the world close down their economy if ..

    • Frankly, however ill prepared this country was, we were able to react to it better than a lot of oth..

    • Why are you comparing the Flu with Covid when they are caused by different viruses?

      The difference ..

    • No one doubts that flu puts massive pressure on hospitals and no one doubts that covid-19 is here to..

    • @Ve...

      There's no comparison offered, other than Covid adds to the list of viruses that visit us ev..

    • Were the demographics of those two periods the same? I'm not sure you can just do a straight compari..

    • This has all been discussed before - numerous times. Time for another subject.

    • @Jo... I gave comparisons above plus sauce of information.

      Covid and flu: what do the numbers tell u..

    • @Te... agree, too much doom and gloom, we need happy, fun posts.

    • @Ve... That's a separate group.

      Posts don't all need to be happy and fun.

      This particular subject ..

    • @Le...

      To answer your point on demographics.

      Necessarily these change.

      Our population has been ..

    • @Jo... It was very widely reported.

    • @Te...

      Thanks for your contributions to the discussion, and it's not doom and gloom...just seeing..

    • https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/flu-cases-covid-england-phe-latest-b1805124.html

    • https://www.health.org.uk/publications/long-reads/one-year-on-three-myths-about-COVID-19-that-the-da..

    • @Le...

      You are quoting a questionable press article that aroused a lot of criticism.

      Is "exper..

    • Perhaps this article may persuade you that flu and covid are not comparable. https://www.bmj.com/con..

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      1 month ago
    • @Ve... I had my flu jab on Friday at the local chemist. I feel like I've been punched in the arm, ti..

    • I agree with Terry S that this topic has been done to exhaustion before - but the reason I keep resp..

    • This report from the British Medical Journal quotes excellent sources and reliable conclusions.


    • @Ha... I had a flu jab on Monday and a Covid booster on Thursday, which was perhaps overdoing it a bit..

    • @Di... won't let me have booster until a week after the flu jab.

    • @Se... some people are having them at the same time.

    • @Le... I agree, it’s pointless when the person pretending to ask others opinions is really just tr..

    • @Jo... that’s exactly the same link @Le... posted above, seven hours ago - I wonder why you didn’t ..

    • @Di... Yes, I know, obviously different rules for different areas.

    • Our local hospitals are still struggling with just the covid cases so God knows what will happen whe..

    • Very useful, @Ve.... Thst clears pretty much everything up.

    • @Jo... - Lesley & Vera have both quoted the same article from the BMJ, an article which covers your q..

    • @Da... let’s hope it’s if rather than when, as people rush to have their flu jabs.

    • @Da... very true, I just wish people would stop acting like the danger is over x

    • Remember this from last year

    • @Jo... - your title is wrong, it should be "JUST HOW BAD is THE PANDEMIC?

      We're not out of the wood..

    • @Pe... the latest


    • @Da... - thank you for that. Need to read it more thoroughly later. Seems they are very reluctant to..

    • As usual - money, money, money. Businesses come before lives.

    • Not "was": it's not past. It still IS a huge problem in the UK, as well as in many other countries.


    • @Pe... That was the original "Plan A".

    • There's a Covid press briefing at 5pm today (Wed 20th). We will discover if the government have noti..

    • Either way there were too many deaths. Hopefully the number of people having the flu jab has helped ..

    • @Pe... Yep, history repeating, with the BMJ calling the government 'wilfully negligent' - and I'm n..

    • @An... A friend, who's anti-vaccine, says it's 'unnatural' - (as if we live a natural life these day..

    • @Ha... so had she never had a tetanus jab or similar . Been abroad and needed certain vaccinations to ..

    • @Ha... They're playing politics with public health - yet again! Why must these idiots persist in regar..

    • Quite honestly, l think a lot of people will just ignore any more restrictions. We may not but many ..

    • many did ignore from day one

    • life is for living not hiding away

    • Fine if you're living.

    • @Da... I'm not sure - but I know she didn't refuse the pain relief when having her children!

    • @Te... Those of us who, luckily, don't have any medical conditions that make us vulnerable actually..

    • @Te... Wearing a mask doesn't stop you living your life, though. Observing sensible social distanci..

    • As mentioned previously, when this post had not drawn further comment for some days it would be clos..

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