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  • SloughBC @SloughBC Slough updated 9 days ago

    Community News: Jubilee River buoys vandalised

    Buoys placed at the side of the Jubilee River can save lives - but not if they have been vandalised.
    Patrols along the riverside yesterday as temperatures soared revealed some of the buoys had been tampered with and some had been removed and thrown into bushes.
    This includes the buoy placed on the bridge where 20-year-old Michael Scaife died. Next to the buoy is a plaque dedicated to the Langley young man who died of cold water shock on a hot day like this.
    These simple devices have the ability to keep someone in trouble in the river alive.
    The weather is set to remain hot this week.
    The water is freezing and can kill the first time someone jumps in.