• Join the Friends of Regent's Park & Primrose Hill

    If you want to help maintain the beauty and tranquility of Regent’s Park, you can be more effective if you join The Friends of Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill.
    Membership is £20 per year and covers all residents living at the same address
    The membership fees are used to fund some of the activities of the park, e.g. refurbishing the bandstand, supporting the allotment garden.
    The Friends also can present your views, on all matters of concern regarding Regent’s Park, such as: flowers, trees, shrubs, landscape, policing, noise, litter, traffic, wildlife, cycling, sports, buildings, dogs, safety in the park and catering, to the relevant authorities.
    Members receive a Newsletter to keep them informed of anything that affects the park as well as social events, meetings, talks and guided walks. Members also receive a membership card which provides a discount on purchases at the Park cafés and Park events.
    To join, go to www.friendsofregentspark.org/membership where you will find the login to the membership system.
    The Friends are always in need of Volunteers to help with their activities. You can make a real difference as a Volunteer and meet new friends with similar interests. Please email chair@friendsofregentspark.org if you are willing to be a volunteer.


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