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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 2 years ago

    Interesting day ahead - Labour Conference, Surpreme Court

    Looks like an interesting Monday:

    1) Labour is voting on their policy for the next GE regarding Brexit, with the options

    a) not deciding between remain/leave before election
    b) campaigning for remain in next GE

    b) would be a blow for Corbyn, as he is endorsing a)
    a) probably only goes through if the unions overrule the CLPs which could cause massive uproar
    it's also possible that they vote for both ....

    2) Supreme Court might rule on parliament suspension, this could turn out either to be a blank cheque for BJ to power ahead or recall parliament, or rule against Johnson and be ignored. Everything's on the table.
    • Everything's on the table? Some labour voters want a no-deal option?

    • @Jo... that was a reference to the surpreme court ruling, everything can happen there from forced no-..

    • Judgement day is tomorrow


    • Well, f** me, they seriously now officially voted not to have an opinion before the next election ....

    • I think the idea is to see what sort of deal they can negotiate first Citizen. It sort of makes sens..

    • I can see strategic reasons, but do many people in Labour really take voters for such fools? Many pe..

    • @Ci... The top politicians do not take the voters as fools, ever?

      "Well, we don't really have an..

    • If there is a revolution my guess is it would be started by Farage following thugs.

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