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  • Independence Day!

    Fran W @FranW Nethercourt updated 12 months ago

    Today is our Independence Day! I shall be raising a glass to the future, whatever it may bring! WOO HOO!

    • We now have to ignore the doom and gloom brigade and look toward the future with determination to ge..

    • Freedom at last

    • whoever down voted me - too late, already got the message ' had 5 upvotes.

    • Promise you it wasn't me!

    • it's gone up again

    • Should have been done, 1997 Tony Blair promised a referendum. 1975 referendum, same doom forecast if..

    • @Bo... Well said! 6 now!

    • @Sk... We wont be governing ourselves. A racist lying buffoon will, and quite frankly I would rathe..

    • Just read the new female head of EU, who would know her name, has said “we can change” “have less re..

    • I was not aware we are not an independant and free country, some people must be somewhere else

    • I just hope we made the right choice. I was all for the Common Market, but not the political control..

    • @Bo... and if it was the wrong choice we can rejoin. I just hope that if any lives are lost, or ..

    • "I just hope that if any lives are lost...because of Brexit"No hyperbole being used there 🙄

    • @Da... an estimated 130,000 lives have been lost because of Tory imposed austerity, so to suggest ..

    • I am pleased to live in a sovereign free country again. I am also pleased that the remainers are not..

    • @Be... Are you also pleased that 130,000 have died because of cruel Tory policies?.

    • Alan, I am sorry but I don't know what you are referring to. Could you please be more specific and d..

    • @Be... You only have to google "how many lives have been lost due to Tory austerity policies" and ..

    • "an estimated 130,000 lives have been lost because of Tory imposed austerity"I'm Hell and a day away..

    • @Da... If at the end of the year we leave without a deal and life-saving drugs are no longer avail..

    • The most telling word in your statement is 'if'Again it's all conjecture

    • @Bo... its all ifs and buts at the moment and as you said the other day you dont have a clue whats g..

    • 'I am also pleased that the remainers are not happy' - what a spiteful remark, Bela. We are supposed..

    • @Di... Spiteful remarks? Hardly! Far worse remarks by some posters have been encouraged by 'admire..

    • Bela is he, not she. I can't remember how many of the calls for execution were on SL and how many on..

    • @Di... Reformation is possible.

    • I don’t intend to take any side about Brexit but wanted to say that lots of left wing voters voted f..

    • Yes @Di... I well remember @Be... repeatedly accusing anyone who voted Remain a traitor and prac..

    • My late wife was called a traitor, scaremonger and an idiot because she wanted to stay alive for as ..

    • Short History of a European Family. Info from Sunday times. The Vision. 1946 by Winston Churchill St..

    • Very good Skalms and can see most of that in the documentary I mentioned above spoken by the origina..

    • Well @Al... Thank goodness nobody died whilst we were members of the EU! You wouldn't have known who..

    • Labour candidate for Beaconsfield pledged his electors, "only a Labour government " would have the c..

    • @De... The 130,000 unnecessary deaths I mentioned has nothing to do with the EU and everything to d..

    • It's a good job then, @Al... that no Labout PM has blood on his hands. I'm thinking, in particular, ..

    • It is a shame though @Al..., you had to bring a totally unwarranted sideswipe at a political party, ..

    • @De... You couldnt be more wrong. Tony Blair has even more blood on his hands than the Tories and I..

    • David Kelly I also thought it was a big cover up and a total lie. Your right there @De...

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