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    Hygiene Poverty

    "More children are expected to arrive at school this term with unclean clothes, unwashed hair and unbrushed teeth, according to teachers who have observed a rise in hygiene poverty.

    Seventy-two percent of school staff think there has been an increase in hygiene poverty in their school in the last year, according to a poll of 500 school staff, and 71% expect the level to rise further at the start of the school year this month.

    Dirty uniforms and PE kits, unwashed hair and unclean teeth were the most common signs staff questioned in June had seen.

    Julie McCulloch, the director of policy at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said: “Hygiene poverty is linked to very high levels of deprivation as families struggle with the cost of things like washing machines, energy bills and clothes. Many schools routinely help out by discreetly washing clothes and providing items of uniform.

    “This has long been the case but has become more of an issue following the pandemic and cost of living crisis as more families struggle financially. The level of child poverty in the UK is utterly unacceptable and the government must do more to tackle the problem.”

    Some of the school staff said they had personally washed uniforms and PE kits for children at home, and handed out laundry detergent for families in need.

    In the survey, conducted by the market research platform Attest, 72% of school staff said pupils affected by hygiene poverty were experiencing low self-esteem. Fifty-three percent said these pupils were isolated or “left out” by others in class, and 50% said they had seen a negative impact on mental health. Twenty-six percent had seen absenteeism as a result of hygiene poverty.

    One respondent said: “Students are often left with no desk partner in class."

    Article in "The Independent".

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