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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 7 months ago

    Sent to me by a friend:-
    I’m sick of COVID-19. I’m sick of black vs. white. I’m sick of gay vs. straight. I’m sick of Christians vs atheists. I’m REALLY sick of the media. I’m sick of what flag is offensive and what flag is not. I'm sick of the lack of respect for the police because all police are not bad. I’m sick of no one being allowed to think what they want & feel what they do without offending someone. I am sick of blaming the whole for the sins of a few.

    We’re one race, the human race. You want to support Boris Johnson? You do that. It’s your choice. You want to support Labour ? Fine... also your choice! You want to believe in God? Okay, believe in God. You want to believe in magical creatures that fly around & sprinkle fairy dust to make life better? Awesome

    BUT stop thrusting your beliefs on others & not being able to deal with the fact that they don’t have the same exact mindset as you. Having our own minds is what makes us all individuals and beautiful. If you can’t handle the fact that you may have a friend that has opposing views as you, then you are not any better than the bigots and the racists.

    I don’t have to agree with everything you believe to be a decent human being.

    • @Ve... My sentiments exactly.

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    • I can't, I totally agree with you.

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