• James G @JG1 South Norwood - updated 1y

    How to lose weight and keep it off!

    I wanted to ask what people's top tips are for losing weight and maintaining a lifelong healthy body weight? For me it's things like:

    1. Don't have junk food in the house (if it's in my cupboard, it'll get eaten!)
    2. Never do crash diets as they only work in the short term. Make slow and intentional changes over time that become part of your lifelong eating habits.
    3. If you are trying to give up sugary, saturated fatty foods; don't just go cold turkey. Find some healthy snacks that you enjoy to replace the unhealthy ones. And be patient as your taste buds will recalibrate over time.
    4. Increase fibre in your meals as it makes you feel full and not prone to overeating.

    What do you do to try and maintain a healthy weight?

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