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    Does any one know how I can delete my mobile phone number from Amazon account. I got a whopping bill for nearly £100 from EE Some one has hacked into my Amazon account and racked up call charges that I certainly did not make. Have googled but simply cannot work out how to remove. I am not the only one this has happened to, so be aware. Many thanks
    • How about going on and “editing” your phone n7mber to something non-existent..... bad luck about som..

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      1 year ago
    • thank you so much everyone

    • Just went into my Amazon Account details - Your Account - Login and Security - and deleted my displa..

    • I just did the same as you Ian H, and it worked for me too. I never buy anything using my phone anyw..

    • I absolutely agree, Allison - I have reached the point where I refuse point blank to give any detail..

    • and if they insist you can make it up - facebook thinks I was born in 1900 :)

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