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  • Lesley A @Lesley4 Frant updated 1 year ago

    Hello all! And welcome new members.

    It’s a little time since we read a book together. Perhaps it’s time to choose a new book. Are people interested and willing to give it a go? We’ve had a few suggestions of titles in recent posts. Any other ideas for a good read? Lets breathe some life back into the group.
    • Sounds good to me. I don't have any particular suggestions right now, but I can have a think over th..

    • Yes please to choosing a new book. I’ll have a little think over the weekend too. 💐

    • Hi All yes I would like to. No suggestions at the moment, my last one fell flat

    • Hello. I have had a little think and wondered about The Dutch House by Ann Patchett:


    • I'll add The Carer by Deborah Moggach as another possibility

    • Let’s think no more and get on with the reading. I’ve never read either of those authors so let’s do..

    • Have ordered both books on the Kindle, hope they are good!

    • @Je... Great to have someone new and keen! If they’re not good it often engenders a more varied ..

    • @Le... Hi Leslie. only just seen this I am not coming to Scooploop very much these days. Are you r..

    • @Mi... hi Min. sorry have only just seen your comment . Yes, we are reading The Dutch House now. To be..

    • I agree with @Le..., there is no need to worry about whether everyone agrees. There is often more ..

    • @Su... I read the Night Circus a few years ago in my book club and absolutely loved it, as did we al..

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Book club

This group is for people who like to read a book and discuss it with others. We will choose a book each month from titles suggested by members of the group. We will then return for an on-line discussion at a pre selected date which will be 6 weeks later. Important that we suggest books which are readily available, not too expensive, and not too long.

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