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    Heating not working

    Since the electrician replaced my kitchen light I have just discovered that my heating is not working, the hot water is okay.
    Any ideas ?
    • @Bo... surely replacing a light bulb doesn't knock the heating out. Did he touch the control panel? ..

    • perhaps it not cold enough to have your heating on .

    • @Da... he had the electricity for the kitchen witched off.

    • @Te... Yes it is

    • @Te... That's not really the point.

    • @Bo... Check your fuse box he might have turned the switch off for the heating by mistake when he tu..

    • Thermostat set too high perhaps (?) Maybe control panel is switched to 'holiday mode' or 'eco' mode ..

    • @So... The boiler switch light is on and the hot water is working.

    • @Bo... It is on Eco mode but always had been as far as I know - not that I know what that means...

    • @Bo... when the electricity is turned off it often resets and I expect that's exactly what its done...

    • @Bo... Just Googled ECO and apparently it only affects the hot water.

    • @Ro... I thought it might be something like that - shame I don't know what to press on the boiler t..

    • @Bo... mine's on Eco mode too, didn't know what it meant. My water does get very hot.

    • @Bo... - just looked at mine, there is a reset button on it (but it's wall mounted so easy to see).

    • @Bo... you don’t need to press anything on the boiler itself . Look at the control panel and read th..

    • @Ro... The control panel is on the boiler, at the bottom of it under a drop down flap.

      Never had i..

    • @Bo... check the dial to see if there's enough water in your central heating system if there's not e..

    • Oh Oh - I just pressed a button next to the picture of a radiator and it has come on saying 'once'

    • @So... the pressure is just under 1 but goes up when i run the hot water.

    • @Bo... press it again

    • should be a tap under the boiler turn it on and the pressure gauge will go up

    • @Bo... because you will then see the next option

    • @Te... used to do that with my old one that lost pressure every couple of months but this one [ put..

    • @Te... yes but don’t leave it on just until the gauge rises

    • Do you have another panel on another wall (mine has timers on it for both hot water and heating, whi..

    • @Ro... pressure going up now heating is on

      Nutty downstairs once mucked about with his and blew th..

    • @Bo... Nutty 🤣

    • @Bo... he must have turned the turned the tap that Terry mentioned and left it on that would cause a..

    • @Se... No just the one thermostat that controls the heating, the hot water just comes on when you t..

    • I s it working now? 🤞

    • @So... yes the rads are red hot now = just hope it goes off when I tell it to.

    • Aren't there any boiler men on here who could help you?

    • How about ringing the person who installed the boiler for you - could probably help over the phone.

    • @Ch... that’d be the council contractor wouldn’t it?

    • @Ch... The council installed it - I had phoned them and they said someone will come out Friday, see..

    • @Bo... yes you definitely should have been given a booklet. It is the ‘norm’ or so I thought 👍

    • @Ro... the time on the boiler is wrong but that doesn't matter as I don't have it on timer - expect..

    • @Ro... It might be the norm but if you move, rarely is the booklet still there for a 12 year old bo..

    • @Bo... yes it doesn’t really matter if the timer is wrong as long as it’s doing what you want

    • @Ro... just turned the thermostat down and it has gone off so all is good - must remember that for ..

    • @Bo... glad it’s sorted. You are right they should make sure they put everything back as it was befo..

    • @Ro... Thank you - phew, what a day it has been.

    • @Bo... brilliant 👍

    • @Se... maybe so but Boots said it was fitted whilst she was there .

    • @Bo... hope you have heating on, absolutely hammering down with rain at the moment, really heavy. No..

    • @Se... Yes heavy rain here too and gusty winds

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    • @Ro... not everyone is left with AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL 12 years later.

    • @Ro... I wasn't given one when it was installed 3 years ago. [as previously stated]

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      2 months ago
    • @Ro... What about people that are not online and Windows 10 doesn't support CDs anymore.

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      2 months ago
    • I still have instructions on tape. Hope my old recorder does not brake down.

    • @Ro... i bought a new DVD but it wouldn't register on my laptop. it was then i was told that Windows ..

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    • @Ro... You may - must admit I haven't tried a CD in my laptop.

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