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  • Community News: Healthy Japanese Food Delivery

    Good morning lovely neighbours.
    Hope you’re all staying safe & happy😊
    Here is the delivery menu for this Saturday, Please pm or contact me on 07702738962 by 1pm on Friday if interested.
    I can tailor-cook your food to your likings according to your taste.
    Please inform me of any allergies/dislikes.
    Photos are samples from previous weeks.

    * Edamame (VGN, GF) £2.50
    Soybeans in pods sprinkled with Maldon sea salt

    * Prawn Crackers (GF) £2.50
    Freshly fried, served with homemade sweet chili sauce

    * Sticky Sausages £2.50
    Mini pork sausages smothered in a sauce made of honey, maple syrup, whole grain mustard, a hint of soy & ginger

    * Superfood Salad (V) £3.50
    (Ask for vegan dressing if preferred)
    Red & white organic quinoa, kale, edamame, green beans, sweet corn, lentils, pulses. Japanese shiso dressing drizzled with mayo

    * Tofu Gyoza-5pcs (V) £4.50
    Japanese dumplings filled with organic tofu, shiitake, bamboo shoot, cabbage, spring onion.
    Vinegar & soy dipping sauce

    * Chicken Katsu Curry £8.50
    Japanese curry sauce with potato, carrot, garden peas. Panko breaded chicken breast fillet. Japanese sticky rice

    * Tofu Curry (VGN) £8.50
    As above with fried organic tofu

    * Pumpkin Croquette Curry (VGN) £8.50

    * Yakiniku Bento £8.50
    Grilled thinly sliced pork belly on top of rice, drizzled with soy based yakiniku sauce. Japanese sticky rice.
    2 sides: 2 pcs tofu gyoza, glass noodle, tomato & cucumber salad

    * Sweet Potato Croquette Bento (VGN) £8.50
    Black sesame, fruity Japanese brown sauce. Japanese sticky rice.
    With 2 sides: 2 pcs tofu gyoza, glass noodle, tomato & cucumber salad.