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  • Maria B @MariaB Upper Tooting updated 9 months ago

    Gyms Should Remain Open!!

    The benefits of exercise during this (pandemic) are too numerous to mention. Everyone have their preferred routine; dancing, swimming, running, gym, walking etc. Mine is the gym and running. I was at the gym yesterday and it was very quiet. Plenty of hand sanitisers everywhere and we were all disinfecting the equipment before and after use. I can't get my head round the closure of gyms. Doesn't make sense to me. Anyone else? Oh, don't go there with social distancing. I caught a bus to the gym and there's no social distancing on buses. Just saying. :) : ) :)
    • Hi Maria I see from your comment that you caught the bus where you say -there was NO distancing - so..

    • @Wo..., I appreciate the feedback Claire but I do read up about the 'virus' from as many publi..

    • Like I said above - Not a criticism, just my thoughts - You asked the question, I gave my opinion (n..

    • Very wise decision to leave the gyms open @de... if health

    • @Wo... (agree with you)

      Before our first lockdown, with the ever increasing COVID-19 situatio..

    • @Ma...

      I do get your point on the need to keep fit, that'll help your immune system to do it's jo..

    • Perhaps take a look at this publication Maria. https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/no-covid-19-i..

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