• Gibson House Wirral | Gibson House Wallasey | The Wirral Waters

    Gibson House wirral, Gibson House Wallasey, "It's marvelous location, and a development that combines touchy reclamation with excellent present day configuration, will be a great enhancement of the Wirral Waterfront.” The Wirral Waters has been named one of only six new Housing Zones as the government looks to speed up house building across the UK. It will transform over 500 acres of the Birkenhead docklands into an internationally recognisable destination where innovation, sustainability and industry thrive and 25 miles of coastline stretches from your doorstep. This will be a place where over 20,000 permanent new jobs emerge, where wide open spaces meet world class culture and global companies trade alongside new waterfront housing.

    The scheme is ‘jobs’ driven. The economy comes first for Wirral Waters as it seeks to create well over 20,000 permanent new jobs for the Liverpool City Region. The project is being a catalyst for appropriate training and skills giving the young people of Liverpool and Wirral a brighter future.



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