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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 4 months ago

    Why are the media and protest groups so obsessed with what are happening in the US?

    IMO we need to concentrate on the UK and let the USA sort there own problems.

    Here in the UK knife and gun crime is escalating and very little hits the headlines.

    Not only the Birmingham stabbings also four boys arrested after stabbing in Corby (yesterday), man rushed to the hospital with life-threatening stab wounds and four more men also suffered injuries in the stabbing attack in Bexleyheath (2 days ago), young man stabbed to death in Burnt Oak on Saturday, Stockwell, murder investigation launched after fatal stabbing in Lewisham, victim of fatal stabbing in Barnet (8th), 79-year-old slashed and man stabbed in Nunhead bus attack (5th Sept).

    A Year 11 pupil was shot in Ipswich on the way to school, a man has been rushed to hospital after being gunned down in Sheffield on Monday, a 24 year old was gun downed and killed in Kentish Town, on 8 September. In July, there were 40 shootings in London.

    The above are only a small snap shot and I’m sure there have been many more.

    More needs to be done although on 26 Aug - Fourteen members of a London organised crime gang following dawn raids targeting 'drug gang linked to knife murders' in Camden. Last night several hundred officers raided a travellers' site in Orpington.

    • This was posted 53 minutes ago but has only just come up on notifications and says posted 20 minutes..

    • I am really pleased the police had the courage to raid the site as a lot of travellers seem to think..

    • These are not 'travellers' they are criminals living there permanantly and Bromley should have close..

    • @Ve... If you’re interested here is what is happening in London to tackle knife crime. https://www.l..

    • Maybe we`re obsessed because we see ourselves going (somewhat )the way the US has?

    • I think we have been following America for many years. And these are guns.

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