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  • Tony L @TonyL Epsom updated 1 month ago

    Face masks

    Last Friday I decided to spend the day at Thorpe Park riding the roller coasters.
    OK, I admit it, I'm a big kid at heart.
    There were many thousands of people there, but apart from myself, I only saw four other people wearing masks.
    Is it any wonder that covid is still around!
    • @To... unfortunately that doesn’t surprise me. I have also been out and about visiting places the la..

    • I was telling a friend that I’d just come back from Italy. He thought it was risky so I told him tha..

    • @An... I've just got back from Italy too. Virtually 100% mask wearing including among young teenager..

    • @Ch...

      Some people did look at me as if I was mad to wear a mask, but I carried on regardless.

    • @Ch...

      Some of the rides such as Black Mirror Labyrinth and Ghost Train had signs saying that ..

    • What spooks me is having to self isolate when abroad. You would be moved into some low grade hotel a..

    • @Ja... we didn’t have to self isolate. I think you do in Australia but not sure you have to in many..

    • On this evenings BBC new, German elections. Everyone was wearing masks in Germany.

    • @An... I might be getting confused but if you went away for 14 days and became ill,half way through,..

    • @To... we went into a pub and I automatically popped my mask on and was told quite loudly by the lan..

    • Is there any hope for us ?


    • No one wearing them in the Pub Sat. No one uses the sanitizers at Supermarkets any more. Those weari..

    • @Kr... That’s half the trouble I think. So many people think they are covered by it and tha..

    • @Ja... Maybe if you were staying in a hotel fortunately we were in a family home which is separated..

    • Masks should be made compulsory again, I thought Johnson said that they would be? I shop early at Sa..

    • Thorpe Park is outside and its proven masks aren't needed outdoors.

      Someone told me recently that ..

    • @li... But many of the rides are inside! Not all but some. And are they not allowed to confront non..

    • I think employers don't want their staff to be abused so tell them not to confront the public. I thi..

    • Surprising how many people in the UK no longer wear marks inside and outdoors. If you look, lots of ..

    • @Ve... Its proven that you don't need to wear masks outside.

    • My local Co-op have removed the distance markers from the floor and have no sanitizers at the entran..

    • i don't really know why people feel safer wearing masks because they don't protect you - just stop y..

    • @Bo... We KNOW that it protects others more than the wearer! That`s why we want them to be compulsor..

    • @Kr... I'm not sure that everyone does know this, seems quite a lot of people feel it is fo..

    • @An... My friend and daughter are staying in the hotel I usually go to. I always stay in hotels apar..

    • @Bo... It would`ve all been in caps if I was shouting,I assure you! 😆 The odd word here and there is..

    • People seem to be forgetting none of the vaccines are 100% effective and can still be spread by thos..

    • Please click on and read to the end.

    • I wear a mask not because i have any germs to pass on. But because I don't want to catch anything th..

    • @Ma... but you don't know if you have any germs to pass on, some people don't get all the symptoms o..

    • @li...

      Some of the rides were inside and every ride had queues where people were standing very clo..

    • @li...

      But only if you're separated from others by a reasonable distance. Standing right next to s..

    • @Kr...

      It protects both

    • they have said that mask wearing is to help stop the spread of the virus rather than for protection,..

    • @li... I can't find any evidence. In fact all the articles are saying it can be spread outdoors unl..

    • I must admit even outside if there is a gust of wind that blows through a crowd and into my face I'm..

    • @So... and your wife is pretty happy about that too 😂😂

    • How did you guess 😷

    • @To... the air blows its away

    • @li... or into your face

    • When I sent up to Chinatown on Saturday, most of the passengers on the Tube were wearing masks but w..

    • I went to a restaurant with my son a few weeks ago. The restaurant didn't take any contact details o..

    • @Ve... but its proven that those who have been double vaccinated and come down with covid will get a..

    • @Bo... Its a known fact that using caps in texts or posts is regarded as bad practice and interprete..

    • @li... no they don’t have to anymore . Which I think is quite worrying.

    • yes agree. I would have thought the minimum would be to take contact details or scan a qr code. Ther..

    • @li... Pub I went to Saturday was just the same! No masks,no details taken or registering.

    • I think there will be a change of policy this winter, masks and distancing will be back.

    • @So... I actually hope you are right

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