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    It's that dreaded time of year again, looking for the best energy suppliers to switch to. I have been given Avro as the cheapest one for me to switch to. Has anyone used this Company, good or bad. It's difficult to make a decision if you have never heard of a supplier. Thanks in advance.
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    • Hi Jack, I went on compare the market. It's good to hear they have been ok maybe I will go with them..

    • Don't use EON - had trouble with them including false information right from the start - soon as my ..

    • I'm with OVO. Not had any problems over 3 yrs. I think some of the smaller suppliers have gone bust.

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    • I was with OVO for a while but they tried to increase my rate unless I agreed to a smart meter.

    • Eon done the same to me won't let me have one of their cheaper tariffs unless agree to having a smar..

    • They did me out of £140 by not receiving the warm home discount, i asked them before i joined if the..

    • I joined Dhell esrlier

      tjis year and am daving £250 ayeat. Was with N Power and it was going up and ..

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    • My mum is with SSE and they said she had to sign up to a smart meter, to get the best deal on her ga..

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    • Thanks for your advice Dave but this was put to Martin Lewis on one of his advice shows and he agree..

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    • I will contact them although Martin Lewis is usually right with his information

    • I won't be bullied I'll just switch to another supplier.

    • I always use the Money Savings Expert -Cheap Energy Club to compare and switch if possible and in th..

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    • It not a discussion you just say no I don’t want one

    • I think they try and coerce customers, praying on their vulnerability, hoping that they will keep wi..

    • Just pointing it out Dave and re-enforcing to those that might not be aware that no matter how persu..

    • I have just switched from British Gas to Bulb for my gas and electric. Its estimated I will save nea..

    • I am with Utility Warehouse, their rep is very helpful and I like the fact I just get the one monthl..

    • Ken G. I switched to Bulb too for Gas/Elec via MoneySupermarket.com last Oct and this June they uppe..

    • Smart meters will be compulsory in a few years. its official. Had mine changed a few years ago. No p..

    • EON have been pestering me to have one and when I keep saying ' no' - they insist it's compulsory.


    • What they probably mean Boots is that if you want to buy gas/electric from EON it is compulsory. Whe..

    • I am already with EON - but soon as my years fixed deal end i will be switching.

      They said it was co..

    • My new suppliers dtarted today with Octupus. They have asked if I WOULD LIKE a smart meter. I have t..

    • Boots Which magazine recommend Octupus who I've switched to officially today.

    • Will remember them when the time comes - Thanks Lesley

    • Just Googled it up. Smart meters are not compulsory but will be one day. Energy suppliers can insist..

    • Ok Boots. Will let you know how it goes x

    • i have for both my supplier insisted, I switched it off as soon as they left fitting it,

    • Be warned about weflip, they originally moved us onto a good contract with utility point . We had an..

    • I checked out the Big London Energy Switch offer and when I put in my gas/elec usage for this year, ..


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