• Egyptian cotton bedding

    SATEENY DREAMY WEAVE: Do you remember that trip to the swanky up-market chain where you saw those softest ever sheets? Well, be ready, it's your lucky day: For this fitted sheet is soft silky shiny smooth and all that sugar and spice! This sheet will get softer with every wash & will stand out on luxury quotient! This sheet will give you ample reasons to snuggle up into a cozy sleep – alone or not alone (Duh! We leave that to you!) ALL THEY NEED IS A WASHING MACHINE: Machine wash this sheet with a cool or mild wash cycle, and line dry to ensure its fibers are intact. If you use a dryer, ensure its temperature is set to low heat and gentle tumble cycle for wrinkle free sheets. This way your soft cotton sheet will remain the same for years. This sheet is fade resistant and gets softer and smoother with every wash. Change it weekly. We offer a 90-day warranty where we offer free exchanges, replacements or returns. A SUSTAINABLE GIFT IDEA: Our 100% Egyptian cotton Sheet is packaged beautifully in a customized box. More importantly they are 100% sustainable and ethical gift products. So be it Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Housewarming, Baby Shower or Thanksgiving- We have you covered, Guilt Free! Still waiting for a reason to buy this sheet - Just gift this to yourselves to become an Earth Ninja- trying to save this planet- 1 sheet at a time! <br>https://imperialrooms.co.uk/collections/egyptian-cotton-bedding