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  • Event: EFT Tapping Level 1 November

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 12.11.2021. Start Time: 10:00

    End Date: 12.11.2021. End Time: 17:00

    Location: On Line

    This is an Introductory Day and follows the EFT International Accredited Level 1 syllabus.
    This is a technique that will help you with Anxiety, Stress Trauma and Pain.

    It is exciting, and often life changing. Even if you are completely new to the 'therapy' world, you will finish the day able and excited to use the technique for yourself and your friends and family to resolve a wide variety of anxieties, problems, and stress symptoms. If you are already a health practitioner, you will have mastered the basics enough to get very significant results to add to the toolbox.

    Our Introductory Training is intended to be complete and stand-alone in its own right - so that even if you decide to go no further with formal training you will have gained a precious tool for life. However, we hope you may be inspired to take your learning further and join us in reaching new levels of artistry. The basics of EFT are simple to learn but like Gary Craig, we believe, ought to be available to all. With practice, you will gain mastery and true expertise.

    The course is £135 but with LUCINDA10, you will receive a discount even if the Early Bird has run out! click here to take you through to book on the level you want to book on https://www.tickettailor.com/events/eftworks
    • the course starts next weekend. We still have a couple of places left if you wish to join us. You ca..

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