• Event: Ecstatic Open-air Dance

    Mel @Mel4 Dalston 15 days ago
    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 11.04.2021. Start Time: 10:00

    Location: Mabley Green, Lee Conservancy Road E9 5HW

    We are so excited to announce that we shall be back dancing in real life at our beloved and magic spot - by the ROCK at Mabley Green!!
    We are London's Sunday morning Ecstatic Dance. And we keep on dancing -in the park!

    As an organised wellness & fitness class, our events are fully compliant with the latest government rules. Our sessions are covid-secure and respect social distancing measures. Our opening/closing circles are done in groups of maximum 6.WHAT IS ECSTATIC DANCE?

    ED is a type of free-form dancing inviting people to connect to themselves and to others through music and movement. It takes places over a 2-hour live DJ set and starts and finishes with a short opening and closing circle led by a Ceremony Leader. There are no teacher or rules, but we ask you to follow a few guidelines:

    1. No talking. ED is a silent practice -you are welcome to communicate with others with your body language, but please keep words outside the space.

    2. No shoes. Barefoot dancing helps us ground ourselves by creating direct contact between our feet and the earth

    3. No drugs/alcohol. ED is a conscious practice embracing mindfulness.

    4. Phone-free zone. Please keep your phones off/airplane mode as it interferes with our silent disco transmitter.

    5. Respect of self and other. We ask participants to take responsibility for themselves, but also to watch out for others and be mindful of their personal space.