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  • Tony L @TonyL Epsom updated 3 years ago

    Don't return calls to +216 number - Tunisia scam.

    Twice today my phone has rung once and then stopped.
    I checked the missed call list and found two different numbers
    +216 74 871 879
    +216 75 796 973
    216 is the area code for Tunisia, and I don't know anybody in that country, so I looked the numbers up on the web.
    Several people have reported getting one ring calls from Tunisia.
    Don't call back. It will divert you to a premium rate number which will cost you a fortune.
    I've blocked the numbers and all other numbers beginning in +216
    • Thank you Tony always good to be alert.

    • as a general rule of thumb I would advise not to return any missed unrecognised numbers. As long as ..

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      3 years ago

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