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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 1 year ago

    Do not "give away your spoon" yet

    There is a German idiom "den Löffel abgeben", literally meaning "to give away the spoon", meaning "to die".
    The idiom comes from the fact that until the late middle ages a spoon was a personal tool (especially metal ones) that you carried with you and handed down to your kids like an expensive watch, meaning that you had died.
    Does anyone know a similar expression in English? ("to kick the bucket" comes close, I guess)?
    • Or, to pop one's clogs.

      In French they say "casser sa pipe", literal translation is to break one's ..

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    • My sister-in-law in Germany uses: " We all sit in the first row"

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    • @Ci... No she means we are the next ones to die.

    • @Lo... never heard this being used like that before, who knows, maybe it changed..

    • @Ci... She tells me every time we speak on Skype(so it is the latest)

    • Would that be the equivalent to "God's waiting room"?

    • @Lo... if the idiom really means what she claims, that's some cheerful conversations you got ther..

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