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    Discussion of The Weather in the Street by Rosamond Lehmann

    Cutting it fine! I’ve just finished reading this at 5.20 am.

    I think it’s a very satisfying novel, true to life, with entirely believable characters. She manages to portray the affair with total accuracy and sensitivity, the highs and lows, the waiting around - the wondering - and the inevitable spluttering end.

    Although it’s set in the 1930’s, and in a social milieu completely at odds with today, somehow it remains relevant and timeless. I think that marks it out as a classic.

    I think she’s a wonderful writer but I didn’t enjoy or understand everything. I don’t think I was ever clear about Simon, and Olivia’s relationship with him - was this ever made clear? And at times I got lost in who everyone was, lots of people drifting in and out of the story but remaining superficial characters. This didn’t bother me, I think they weren’t central to ‘the affair’ but I did get lost at times, especially in the part where she was describing Amanda Cunningham and her party.

    All in all, a rich work and I’m glad I’ve read it. I wonder if others agree?!

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