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  • Did Bats start the virus?

    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 9 months ago

    Did you know Coronavirus is an anagram of Carnivorous

    Picture of a carnivorous bat

    • They look vicious but --please-- not so early in the morning.

    • It might be bats that first had the virus but it’s because of the dirty habits of people in that Wuh..

    • And with a couple of fillings. Such a handsome creature! 😜

    • No, Vera, bats didn't start it - it was people!

    • A horseshoe bat (named for the shape of it's nose) looking blameless. 'Don't blame me Vera'

    • If you seriously upset the balance of nature bad stuff happens! And humans have done that. I don`t b..

    • I have read two reports now, confirming that the origin of the Covid-19 virus has been traced to a g..

    • Bob, are these official reports or newspaper articles?If the former, would you please tell me where ..

    • @De... the reports have already been disproved and are on amongst hundreds of other scam..

    • @Ch... I realised it was probably false, but it just crossed my mind that if there was anything..

    • @De... I got caught on it myself but was soon put right , bit embarrassed 😳 but it’s just one of th..

    • It`s been disproved but it may have been the reason for the intial cover-up!! BUT...If they weren`t ..

    • @Kr... more likely in the wet markets they have already reopened

    • This link is interesting as it suggests that orders and deliveries were still being made throughout ..

    • The fact that they point out wildlife and live animals are banned from that market is good too. "Pro..

    • What we do know is that China was responsible for all the worldwide deaths caused by their actions. ..

    • @Ly... perhaps our government should also compensate the families of the nhs staff that died due to..

    • @Ly... No-one knows who or what was responsible for starting this terrible crisis.

    • I was annoyed by the amount of discarded gloves, just tossed for someone else to pick up, for those ..

    • @Sk... I have noticed that too. Talk about selfish and irresponsible

    • That was the 1st time I had been out in 17 days, mask but did not have gloves, soap and water for me..

    • @Al... yes we do know it started in China. They know that too. Not for the first time we have had a ..

    • There are many other countries that eat what you and I think of as wildlife. It`s not just that! And..

    • If We had a market with live animals that were Butchered on the site I think a lot more people in th..

    • I believe people do that with lobsters in some restaurants

    • Our animals are killed out of sight in slaughterhouses. Meat is presented nicely drained, chilled an..

    • It doesn`t @Ha... but it does make it harder for us to accept those Chinese habits. We/I like to thin..

    • I'll pass on the bat soup!

    • @Kr... I used to deliver CO2 to factories that killed chickens and then they did all that w..

    • I believe you @Al... F 😢

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