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  • Council tax rise

    Boots @Boots Dagenham updated 8 days ago

    The council tax for my borough is due to rise 5% and I expect the rent will also increase quite a lot.
    Waiting to hear how much the pension increase will be.

    • @Bo... Also my energy company (Igloo) has just anounced a 9.1% rise from February ! At least I can c..

    • I think it is going to be 2.5%.

    • I expect they will all rise. Local Authorities have less Governments funds these days but more and m..

    • To be fair, many councils have been forced to make drastic cutbacks in recent years. They've tried t..

    • @Ha... I think that lots energy suppliers will raise prices soon, so I will wait for a month or two an..

    • I compete with a friend over gas prices (sad, but true) so I have the current deal saved on the desk..

    • I moved from the big operators some time ago, my last two being Ovo and now Igloo, they were never t..

    • I'm with Green energy network - prices seem good at the moment

    • I`m with Bulb! I`m NOT a serial changer but I`ve changed a lot recently & not thru` choice!! I took ..

    • I'm with Bulb for electricity. I suspect it's costly, though,as it's a prepayment meter. I had it pu..

    • @Kr... - and I'm just about to leave Bulb. Had to have it as it was here when I moved but f..

    • Yes-that was the other one I considered. Octopus. I`ve had no problems with Bulb. Mind you I couldn`..

    • The other thing that makes me hesitate to leave Igloo is that I get 3% interest every month on any c..

    • We have gas and electricity from OVO. Fixed for 2yrs. 1 more year left on contract. Get 5% on any ba..

    • @Kr... true but I was left with big bill as under-estimated (went on previous occupant).

    • That`s awful @Ja.... How can they charge you for previous occupant. If you have proof of when you m..

    • Solarplicity said they had under-estimated the whole time I was with them(maybe 2 years). Never told..

    • @Kr... - I'm assuming they were going by what the previous occupant had used (she was 92). ..

    • I just read my gas meter every month, work out what I owe, and pay it - simple. I never phone them (..

    • @Ha... - a bit lost here - are you saying you only pay £5 per month? I do the same, read every month b..

    • £5 a month is VERY low!! How do you do that? I pay £91!!! That`s BOTH Gas and Elec. but even so that..

    • I think that @Ha... has a standing order for £5 a month - then she caculates the total and then pays t..

    • Aah! TY That makes more sense! Clever.

    • @Ra... - yes, that's what I imagined but you have to have a mathematical mind and find an extra way..

    • I'm with bulb and pay £61 pm in total for gas and elec. I get an email from bulb each month which sa..

    • @Le... - that's what I was doing but ended up paying £142 per month as I was about £500 in debit. ..

    • They do that to lure you in-I`m convinced @Se.... I`m sure that`s why I owed Solarplicity money whe..

    • @Le... Can you alter your DD with Bulb as I prefer to pay a regular amount rather a variable month..

    • @Ra... I pay a fixed DD but can alter it if I wish. They gave me guidance back in the autumn about ..

    • Last month because I was in credit [ by not very much] my supplier decreased my DD by £20, I know th..

    • @Se... I officially 'pay by direct debit' to get cheaper rates. I really don't like DDs though, so ..

    • @Le... - I think you are very fortunate to only pay only £61 monthly for both. This is quite a sma..

    • More insulation needed perhaps? Green Grants are available NOW!!

    • All councils will raise tax this year. They are all skint with coved etc-

    • @Kr... - all double glazed and concrete floor (had a cellar previously) and I often have to..

    • @ji... Every council increase is different though, isn't it?

    • @Se... Yes, I agree. We've been pleasantly surprised with our bills in this house. The house is pre..

    • @Se... you could try turning down the boiler if you often get too hot. Why not set the thermostat l..

    • @Ha... -I think the 'e' setting it's on at the moment is possibly eco and wall stat is rarely at 20. A..

    • Just got my quarterly statement - it's £23 more than the same time last year but am on the same rate..

    • Sorry, what's that for?

    • Gas and electricity

    • @Bo... so that's an extra £8 per month - doesn't sound too bad unless one is having to watch every p..

    • The electricity was down £6. the increase was all gas

    • That's interesting. Maybe we should go back to storage radiators. My meters are at near ceiling heig..

    • Had storage heaters in a flat in the early 70's the flat was freezing and i had to get an electric f..

    • I've had them too, you do need something extra with them but they were good for background heating, ..

    • @Bo... you need to know how much you're being charged for gas (per KWh and the standing charge.

    • you also need a conversion factor, a volumetric correction factor all required to convert units (cub..

    • @Ha... Got all those details on my statement

    • Electric is a bit easier.... you only need your rate,standing charge as the reading is in kWh but ye..

    • @Cl... 105%???

    • My gas meter reads in cubic feet. It's at the back of the cupboard under the stairs, far end, by the..

    • @Ha... multiply by 1.05 which gives you the correct value for 5% vat. EDF for instance quote their 'fo..

    • I don't think I'll be getting the ladder and torch out to see if mine are digital metric or digital ..

    • Gave in and got a smart meter. I quite like it small and neat,all fitted in a few hours. You can alw..

    • @Cl... I tend to just mentally find 10% (easy, move the dot) then divide by two. My DD covers the s..

    • @Vi... I wouldn't have one. I do hope it's set up properly!

    • @Vi... - I think that's what's here - two little white boxes on the wall, very neat.

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