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  • Community News: Corona & Gardening Services

    During the Corona Crisis & in compliance with the current Government Instructions (& as endorsed by Dr Hilary Jones) I am continuing to offer gardening services.

    To comply with Social Distancing I work completely alone & for the moment only accept work where I can gain separate entry to your garden (not via your home).

    Payments are made electronically.

    With the Lock Down & self isolation continuing for the foreseeable future; 24/7 News Coverage the positive benefits of an outside garden (Fresh Air, Exposure Sunlight) thinking about something other than the Corona Virus which helps boost their immune system.

    I very much hope Government immediately introduces a system where all UK residents & those locked down on the Home Front (who do not have a garden or just a balcony) are given a priority to safely visit local parks & commons

    Let’s hope for a quick resolution. Stay safe 😀

    Sean 07933387082