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    Corbyn suggests UK could be better off after Brexit if deal is right

    And here we go again, Corbyn stating the same old legend about some wonderful Brexit deal which Labour will make possible.

    • Whatever deal a Corbyn government can negotiate will be put back to the electorate so I can see noth..

    • Why trust any politician who has power?

    • Because we have no choice Joss. As a lifelong socialist Corbyn is a leader I have long waited for, b..

    • We all have choices, and I respect yours.

      Still waiting for an inspiring political leader.

    • @Al... If I had to choose between the two I would put my my vote ( if I had one ) on Corbyn rather t..

    • @Al... - why do you trust any politician in power?

      They're all squabbling amongst themselves - and..

    • Back on the matter of labour and Brexit, so they have to competing motions now to vote on today

      1) ..

    • The Labour Party are dreaming, if they are thinking of winning an election with the present leadersh..

    • The political situation is so unpredictable its impossible to write anyone off. I suppose if the Bre..

    • I'm sure they will of Johnson is forced into presenting some deal or will ask for a delay of exit da..

    • Is John MCDonnell on drugs, wants to introduce a 4 day week 32 hours same pay as a 5 day 40 hrs our ..

    • Im not sure it applies to small businesses, also they discussed a peroid of up to 10 years to transi..

    • U.K. is made up of companies with fewer that 50 people

    • @Te... I know but most Labour people i've met have some steel plant or multinational in mind when t..

    • Big large co are Rare

    • I did some research before posting and it seems quite a few countries have four-day working weeks an..

    • But these countries that opted for a four day week were doing 10 hours a day That’s fine but not goo..

    • Terry, the nurses in the oncology ward at Queens do three twelve hour shifts for three weeks and fou..

    • "Corbyn suggests UK could be better off after Brexit if deal is right"

      A Doctor Writes >

      Does this p..

    • Alan you can’t run a trading company in the same way, so we are not t here Friday - bye I will go el..

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