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  • "Christmas bubbles"

    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 25 days ago

    With only a couple of days to go, HMG are considering changing the rules again.
    Is everyone fed up with all the chopping and changing and will anyone take any notice?

    • Its a fast moving situation, and rules have to be changed to keep up. I will be following whatever r..

    • It's irritating but if necessary then so be it. I think people decided long ago whether they would f..

    • May those that ignore the rules get what they so thoroughly deserve.

    • Unfortunately Ron @Ro... they never seem to suffer and just pass the virus to us who obey the rules a..

    • @Ro... I can see why you say that but we have to remember that not only might they catch it, they can..

    • @Ro... what a thoroughly vile thing to say and wish on anybody - this site has become so toxic, hardl..

    • I wouldn't wish this virus on anybody even my worst enemies. For each of those people will have fami..

    • Even by teagues low standards that last post was ill thought out and silly beyond belief. My view re..

    • @Al... I agree with you fine all those not wearing a mask or face covering. No exception, everyone c..

    • @Ve... Thats not quite true . I have a friend who's son with Aspergers cannot stand anything near hi..

    • from Gov uk The public are asked to be mindful of people who are exempt from wearing a face covering..

    • True but a lot just don't bother, in my local Co-op over half the people were not wearing any masks ..

    • @Al... Your childish attempts at insult are noted and ignored. So you think that a few thousand poun..

    • @An... I make no apology for my comment, perhaps , if heaven forbid you were to lose a loved o..

    • @Bo... I totally agree with you on that. I was just saying that Vera's statement that everyone can w..

    • @Ro... i didn't expect an apology from you. And if I were to lose a loved one because of their selfis..

    • @An... Then I didn't disappoint you, but I didn't TELL you to sing from a different Hymn Sheet..

    • @Ro... MIGHT, would, same thing. Who are you to tell me that I might.

    • IMO anyone that has any of the reasons mentioned to exempt them from wearing a mask or visor should ..

    • @Al... what if they have no choice but to go to the shops as they have nobody to shop for them? Or t..

    • @Da... of course, when you are fit and able, very hard to see another side, isn't it.

    • @Da... Most supermarkets have a delivery service which they should have been using since March and p..

    • @Se... Very, I’m afraid ❤️

    • @Al... if only that were true . We have helped hundreds with emergency food bags both young and old ..

    • @Da... it’s a shame that the 750,000 volunteer scheme wasn’t as successful as suggested by the gover..

    • At work during restrictions we have had people we have come across people who weren’t quite bad enou..

    • @Ro... definately. Mutual aid groups made up of volunteers saved many lives by simply getting stuck..

    • @Ro... there was a wonderful group in Brent who cooked and delivered free Halal meals to anyone who..

    • Some older people aren't on the internet so have no way of ordering their food deliveries. My sister..

    • @An... it must be worrying for you if you and her daughter are unwell, you will be worrying about you..

    • @Da... Fortunately, I have 3 sons who I know would help if necessary. My sister also has a son but h..

    • Dawn @Da... you and the organisation you work for are doing a great job. In my area we have a very g..

    • @Ve... then your area is very lucky . Some orgs we are supporting went from 600 volunteers in March ..

    • It's the one that deliberately ignore the rules that should be locked up, mass meetings/events where..

    • "makes one realise how little some people bother to even think about the lives of others who are not..

    • I echo what Dawn and others are saying. There is massive need in this country as well as massive wea..

    • @Le... I agree a 100% with everything you say.My heart aches for so many people who have nothing a..

    • @Le... That doesn't explain the crowds outside pubs in big cities. Those people don't seem to be i..

    • Sheila @An... I do wonder if we have become a nation of alcoholics.

    • @Ve... Much more of this virus and I think you could be right!

    • @An... I completely agree. That's when the police should be taking action.

    • @An... What a strange interpretation you have of the English Language.MIGHT, suggests a possib..

    • Please play nice ! It's Christmas !!!!

    • @Ro... I agree with Clive @Cl.... Please remember not all of us are without disabilities and comment..

    • @Ve... Perhaps , before passing judgement, you would be kind enough to read all of the comments rela..

    • @Ro... I try not to pass judgement as everyone is entitled to an opinion. I know I am very opinionate..

    • We are quite happy to abide by the current rules or any changes. Rather safe than sorry . Don’t want..

    • @Ve... By all means, we are in a situation that we as individuals have no control over, that being t..

    • @Ro... re your earlier comment to me, may I suggest that before you start judging me that you do not ..

    • @An... I 've said in another thread, "We are what we write" whether you like it or not, theref..

    • @Ro... where did I say that I approve of selfishness? By not wishing covid on others, it does not mea..

    • @An... With the greatest of pleasure.

    • @An... I see you are from the Kahuti 7 up club. Which one are you?

    • @Mr... what on earth is that?

    • 7 up club?

    • Clever old stick, isn't she. 7 up club sounds nice.

    • @Da... It's her proud boast of all the stupid names they made up on Kahuti @An... They move as a gang..

    • @Mr... sorry Mrs sok but I’m confused lol where did she boast about the names? As you publish..

    • It's all rather sad!

    • @An... am I the only one confused lol

    • @Da... When she changed her avatar.

    • @Da... i'm confused and i live with her. Now you know what i have to put up with.☹️

    • @Mr... oh I see now, I hadn’t looked before

    • @Mr... how long have you been married Mr Sok?😂

    • @Mr... Bob! How many times do I have to tell you to go to Specsavers. Look at her avatar. Coul..

    • WOW! i'm on a promise folks. I'd better go and.... "splash it all over" 😊

    • This is getting more bizarre by the minute!!My OP was about "Christmas Bubbles" and now everyone see..

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