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  • Lonicera @Lonicera Stow Bedon updated 22 days ago

    Check return instructions

    Ordered a few things from “McKay”. Unfortunately have to return one item due to hideous size/style.
    Take to Asda which is miles away. McKay only if I can get a lift or taxi fare £20.00

    Comment: We stopped free returns on -- sales -- items. They lost my custom and will check other shops for their return instructions. Once one shop starts others will follow.
    • Had a similar problem with cotton traders, ordered something according to their website size chart b..

    • @Bo... I stopped using Cotton Traders because of their ridiculously large sizing. And paying for ret..

    • @Bo... Thanks for that tip I was just on the verge of ordering off of cotton traders. Not now

    • Never use cotton Trader. On most items their sizing does not suit me e.g. 12/14 --- 16/18 ---

      We al..

    • @Lo... - I'm a size 4 shoe and have the same problem, I suppose it's all cost-cutting measures.

    • Sorry got it wrong It is Damart and do like some of their styles.

      But sizing is terrible trousers 14..

    • @Lo... I think many of these companies are the same in that respect.

    • A LOT of shops are doing this double-sizing,even M & S sometimes. I HATE it too. And in some places(..

    • Sizing is even worse for people like me who are small. Trousers, skirts, dresses are always too long..

    • @li... You can`t reply on those size charts to be accurate online.

    • Used to be able to get trousers in leg length - 27, 29, 31 - and was quite happy with the 29, now sh..

    • @Se... problem with Damart is a lot of their jeans do not come up in the 31 leg length.

    • @Se... those are still too long for me.

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