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  • Ralph @Ralph Malden updated 2 years ago

    Charities for homeless animals?

    After donating yesterday to a homeless charity, as I regularly do, I started thinking. A lot of the homeless have pets, understandably, as companions. Are there any charities that aim to help homeless people with animals with food, toys, beds etc., and do homeless shelters tend to allow pets to stay overnight too? I'd be interested in donating to charities that help the animals as well as the humans. Any advice or pointers would be appreciated, Google hasn't helped much. Thanks.
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      2 years ago
    • Hi Ralph. This is my favourite https://www.dogsonthestreets.org/. They also just held the funeral of..

    • StreetVet support homeless people by providing checkups, veterinary help, operations, routine vaccin..

    • Thank you Tracy and Shelley, I'm delighted there are charities helping out. I'll make sure to donate..

    • Good on you Ralph! Thank you for supporting these charities. 😁

    • Brilliant to know about these amazing charities: Street vet/ Dogsonthestreet

      Any support people can..

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