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  • Can you catch the coronavirus twice?

    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 9 months ago

    They don’t know?

    This is worrying as many think they have had Coronavirus and after 7 to 14 days are OK and start going out again, mixing with family and friends.

    Stay in and stay safe for the current 12 weeks isolation.

    Please tell those idiots in Crawley and other parts of the Country who had parties at the weekend. They are putting us all in danger.
    Police have been called to parties and pub lock-ins

    • The Experts are saying That once you have had it you are immune for a short period of time but they ..

    • There should be an IQ test for those having parties, as they certainly have something missing, along..

    • Hi Sue, I agree and this is my point, they don’t know? There are so many conflicting stories from th..

    • I read that Prince Charles was now out of isolation and well after being diagnosed .... At least I t..

    • Camilla has tested negative but is staying in for another 14 days because of her contact with Charli..

    • @Ve... Measures far too draconian, an abuse of civil liberties. People need to use their common sens..

    • Morning Selsey, as I said above our bodies all act differently. You could have the flu for a couple ..

    • Fran @Fr... , You need to see someone dying of this virus, alone, unable to breath, frightened, afra..

    • @Ve... Well said.

    • @Fr... Unfortunately, measures do need to be draconian when some people show a complete lack of comm..

    • I don’t think they really know enough about it and they are learning every day new things or had lon..

    • Another worrying thing to come out of China is that researchers have found that someone who has been..

    • A top Expert Dr lecturer on diseases from Exeter on LBC has just now confirmed that a tests tell us ..

    • Dispite all the warning, I don't think the message has got through to everyone to stay isolated and ..

    • Well they are telling people that if you get the virus and you live on your own from the day you’ve ..

    • I think one message is really knows for sure and it's all guesstimates. I can't see ..

    • Does anyone else feel we were completely misinformed at the beginning with all stuff about "most of ..

    • I think the government etc didn’t take it seriously at the beginning because I don’t think they real..

    • Yes, I'm sure they're doing their best now but given that we all saw what happened in China and how ..

    • Yes. I agree Sheila and when I say they think they’re doing their best I meaning they think not we t..

    • I just think we're so lucky to have so many people willing to volunteer their help. There are lots o..

    • Thank God for people with common sense & the intelligence to question what they are told by those wi..

    • Time will show us who's right and wrong when the death toll is finally reached.

    • What do you think the agenda is, @Fr...? What do you think would be a better way of handling the sit..

    • @Ka... Not to whip up hysteria, like the media has. The government was handling it well, then reacted..

    • Really?

    • Fran Are you trying to say that the lock down is a wrong approach to this? And also can you add link..

    • The trouble is there are SO many experts and we can all find someone who is saying what we want to h..

    • Charlotte I don’t think we are trying to prove each other wrong I think we are just trying to give o..

    • @Su... Well, I thought I was a technophobe but I managed to Google Sucharit Bhakdi, Lord Sumption, r..

    • Yes of course I do ...but my interest wasn’t enough to search for the articles you were mentioning....

    • @Su... Really? I did say to mate Brianm that I was a technophobe & didn't know how to do cut & paste..

    • @Ve... :(

    • Fran I apologise if my comment came across rather rude but your comment re do I know how to use goog..

    • @Su... Well, I typed in Sucharit Bhakdi & top of the pile was his open letter to Angela Merkel so I ..

    • Well I did try and apologise...but in answer to your comment I didn’t see you mention re an open let..

    • Perhaps this is one of them. It is in German with English subtitles

    • Thank you Charlotte I will Open my mind for a few minutes and watch it.

    • Here’s another By the way by posting these I am not saying I agree with them

    • Peter Hitchens

    • Trevor Kavanagh

    • Well I watched video and have have a look through the other bits and re the lockdown I can’t say I w..

    • Thanks for posting the link re Lord Sumption @Ch... (Haven't looked at the others yet) Yes, @Fr.....

    • I know exactly what he means, Kay. Common sense is my guide & there are differing 'scientific' views..

    • The trouble with relying on people's "common sense" and "critical faculties" is that we all have a d..

    • 560 more people have died in the UK from the virus in the last 24 hrs. Highest number so far.

    • @Su... Frightening and getting worse.

    • Yes Sheila it’s awful watching the number rise noticeably and would have kept rising enormously for ..

    • People can be far too quick in writing off old people as useless and past their sell-by date. Some y..

    • @Su... It would seem 5000 is the magic number but, unfortunately, I think it will be a hell of a lot..

    • Right now the "Seasonal Norm" would indicate a falling death rate. The fact that the rate is still r..

    • Well, I've watched all three of Charlotte's offerings and I still don't agree. I think we are all ca..

    • @Se... please remember those postings were not my offerings or opinions they were merely the articl..

    • If ours was the only country in the world to consider a lockdown, with all that means to it's citize..

    • @De... Governments never listen to 'reasoned arguments', thought you might realise that.

    • Sweden seem to be taking a different approach and keeping schools and bars/restaurants open etc.

    • @Ch... - I know.

    • @An... - agree that is interesting.

    • @Fr... Having looked to see what credence one could give to Trevor Kavanagh I got as far as the Inde..

    • The point of this post was to illustrate, no one has knowledge of how this virus will react, can you..

    • "Governments never listen to reasoned arguments" is a sweeping generalisation @Fr... and you are pre..

    • @De... Really? I never read the Independent, or the Guardian. I would never dismiss an argument jus..

    • @Ka... It is obviously my opinion. I can distinguish between those who are genuine & those who are no..

    • But @Fr... if you acknowledge that it's your opinion rather than a fact, why would you expect @De.....

    • Everyone is entitled to an option. The shame is when one thinks their 'civil liberties' are more imp..

    • @Ve... Until a post mortem is undertaken the cause of death of the two teenagers cannot be determine..

    • @Ve... The concept of civil liberty.

    • @Ka... Semantics

    • @Fr... - whose guidelines are they?

    • This thread is much too long so I am doing a Clive and asking if we can close it and start a new one..

    • As it has completely gone off of the OP maybe just close it.

    • Perhaps Fran, you would like to have your mother cremated tomorrow and no one allowed to attend to s..

    • & Covid 19

    • @Se... Government guidelines

    • @Fr... - I must have missed that bit.

    • @Ve... My mother is already dead, killed off by the NHS ten years ago. Read the government guideline..

    • @Ve... You could always move to Taiwan

    • Fran have you no feelings for another human being who has lost her mother a matter of days ago to th..

    • @Fr... - have you had your exercise today - if not, please go takes a walk.

    • Fran says things because she craves attention. Ignore the silly woman and hopefully she will go away..

    • Yes, we've been down this road before.

    • Time for a new chapter..........if required !

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