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  • Another Scam

    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 1 month ago

    I received this email today - beware
    Fund Beneficiary

    It was Resolved and Agreed that your Inheritance/Contract Fund would be released to you on a special method of payment which tag"HOME DELIVERY AT YOUR DOOR STEP" you are Advised to Reconfirm YOUR NAME,ADDRESS,NEXT OF KIN, MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION AND PHONE NUMBER TO CLAIM YOUR FUND (USD50 MILLIONS).

    In God we trust.

    Dr. Jerome Powell

    CALL +234-8167491021

    Looking up the phone number produced:

    Dr David Nwaorgu - › ... › ATM And Credit Card Scams

    1 May 2020 — Tel: +234-8167491021. WARNING: Do not contact the sender of the above email nor provide them with any of your personal information or ...

    • They really are a joke, aren't they!

    • This has been around for awhile now i get variance of this two or three times a week.they try to gle..

    • @Mr... they usual hang up on me quickly. Where am I going wrong?

    • @Ro... you have to act old confused and vulnerable. when they ask you for your bank details say you..

    • @Mr... OK, acting old isn’t a problem but do you think when I tell them I’m a fraud investigat..

    • @Ro... ,🤣 i think maybe that is where you are going wrong.

    • My latest one (yesterday, recorded voice) was especially pathetic: International call,'This is your ..

    • @Ha... brilliant. i get that one periodically, they usually ask you if you are near your computer and ..

    • @Ha... I think I may have posted this here before, but it might be worth a repeat outing Part 1I had a..

    • Part 2I could almost imagine the pound signs lighting up in his eyes.

      Before I could use the comput..

    • Part 3When I got back I was obviously very out of breath and I complained that I hadn’t done so much..

    • There were three parts as the website has a character limit for posts

    • Liked all your commends. I had the Granny/Granddad scam could not hear him clearly as we did not hav..

    • @Ve... What a ridiculous amount. A dead give-away.

    • Please do not forget to enter phone no. under "who called me" or the police report scam. (do not hav..

    • 🤣 Surely they`ll give up soon. There can`t be any new variations on a scam left. Clearly we either h..

    • @Kr... unfortuately many do fall for these scams. Back in March there was a Panorama docume..

    • Yes-it`s true @Ve.... There`s always one trusting soul who doesn`t see through as most of us seem to..

    • @Kr... it's mostly the elderly and vulnerable, also unfortunately people with early onset a..

    • @Kr... according to the insider - 2 Sept 2019 — There are more than three times as many peo..

    • They're all bastards!Whoever they are scamming. 😡

    • Legally not a scam but every year I get my renewal notice telling me how my car insurance will cost ..

    • @Al... you are right it does seem like a scam.

    • There not interested in customer loyalty.All they care about is getting new customers once they have..

    • @Mr... personally I haven’t found that at all with the company I am with but I know several pe..

    • @Ro... i seem to have to change insurance companies every year through the comparison site. who are..

    • @Mr... Aviva, for the last 7 years.

    • @Ro... thanks, i'll check them out next time.

    • @Mr... I have quite a large new car and I am paying less than £250 a year fully comprehensive ..

    • I find the same with my contents insurance - goes up every year so I find a cheaper one, then tell t..

    • @Ro... mine's a small car fully comp with protection £168. although i don't suppose that helps beca..

    • @Mr... yes it’s garaged. My wife has a smaller earlier car and is paying much the same as your..

    • @Bo... yeah i try that first boots. but lately they haven't budged

    • @Mr... I am probably considerably older than you . That makes a difference too

    • @Ro... no comment 🙂

    • Mine went up by £200, went on comparison site and could get a lot cheaper (until I added all the ext..

    • @Al... It's always worth doing a search on the comparison websites for any renewal such as car or ho..

    • We have to make a real effort to compare, negotiate and maybe switch so many things. Gas, electricit..

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