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  • Autumn veg planting

    Mary @maire Wanstead updated 4 months ago

    I usually sow garlic and onions in Autumn to over winter. I have also shown broad beans at that time in the past. Has anyone grown anything else successfully around this time ? Anyone grow veg in a greenhouse over winter? I'm going to try winter spring onions and perhaps some potatoes for Christmas but any other ideas gratefully received.

    • I go into hibernation about now and wake up in February on a mild sunny day.

    • I'm still waiting for my tomatoes to ripen.So much effort went into growing them but they won't go r..

    • Apparently you can start peas-I`m trying this year. I`ll let you know.

    • Krista yes I was tempted to try peas though haven't been that successful with them in spring/summer...

    • DK published a book on growing food for free this year

    • BTW Had a great tomato crop this year. Grew about eight different varieties on my plot. However we n..

    • @ma... I think I planted them out in April. I grew them from seeds. F1 hybrids. They were rather wee..

    • @Ja... I did the same and sowed too early but they picked up. Most of mine are on my allotment so i..

    • @ma... Perpetual spinach, cabbage and leeks

    • @Ja... Don't give up, veggie success can be hit and miss, depending on the elements, and tomatoes h..

    • @Le... How did you get on with all your veggie gardening this season?

    • @Ni... Lettuce, and broad beans - great. Courgettes and tomatoes - moderate. Potatoes runner beans, ..

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Allotment and Edible Gardening

This allotment and edible gardening group is to talk to like minded individuals about their experiences and plans, to exchange ideas, get advice, sharing of seeds, plugs, etc. - essentially, anything to do with allotment or edible gardening. I am also hoping we can meet up, perhaps in turns, at each other's plots. This group is open to anyone anywhere with an allotment or a keen interest in learning about allotment culture and edible gardening. As it is a relatively new group, we will also need to see how it evolves organically - very much my style of gardening, as chemical free and organic as possible :-) So far, so good sign up, you'll be most welcome.

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