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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 7 months ago


    I won’t kneel with the masses,

    I won’t be told my fate,

    By people who hijack tragedy,

    To perpetuate their hate.

    Don’t you shout Black Lives Matter,

    Whilst running through the streets,

    When your people are burning Foot Locker,

    Stealing Nikes for their feet.

    Don’t dance on The Cenotaph,

    Like it’s Carnival or Mardi Gras,

    That sacred granite edifice,

    Marks people who died in war.

    How dare you besiege Number 10,

    This isn’t even our fight,

    If you want to go and protest,

    Get a 4,000 mile flight.

    Social distancing flouted,

    Police punched in the face,

    Missiles hurled at Downing Street.,

    This isn’t about race.

    It’s rent-a-mob and anarchists,

    Versus police led by lambs,

    They just stand there and take it,

    Lefty Cressida tied their hands.

    Meanwhile America’s burning,

    It’s a tragedy we all agree,

    That George Floyd lost his life,

    For all the world to see.

    Justice must take its course,

    The cop has lost his job,

    Now he faces twelve good and true,

    Not a braying mob.

    So Monday I won’t be kneeling,

    I won’t even bow my head,

    Because someone I don’t even know,

    Has wound up dead.

    An armed robber and a felon,

    In and out of jail,

    As a model citizen,

    He was a total fail.

    I’ll weep for whom I choose to,

    I’ll say where and when,

    Not because a lifelong offender,

    Bought it in the end.

    I don’t condone the officers,

    They rightly face the wrath,

    But ask me to kneel for a criminal?

    Don’t make me laugh.

    You can keep your lefty rhetoric,

    Your dismantling of our state,

    It’s BLM not Middle England,

    That’s peddling the hate.

    Written by Lady Jane Andrews Bentley


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