Local Deal

  • 20% of Small Business IT Support

    In business time is critical, we know, because we run one! You want to focus on your core business
    rather than worrying about your IT

    all the time.

    Whether you have a small team or a large multi-site team with an in-house technician

    we can be a
    part or your entire IT department just without the overheads.

    So what do we do for you?

    Well, when you become our valued customer we will :

    1. Perform an IT audit on your existing domain based network or cloud environment with full detailed report of any data or security

    vulnerabilities and provide pragmatic cost effective solutions.

    2. Provide you and your team with telephone remote & onsite support as and when required.

    3. Provide valuable input for any IT related projects you might have in the pipeline and provide GDPR guidelines for compliance.

    4. Enable monitoring for all your IT devices for cyber threats and software/hardware failures so that we can proactively inform you of any issues avoiding costly repairs or downtime for your business ensuring business continuity.

    5. Develop, test, and improve your existing backup (if you have one) and suggest and develop disaster recovery plans.

    6. Perform scheduled monthly maintenance

    on all company core systems i.e. domain controllers, mail servers, files servers,
    web servers, etc.