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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 2 days ago

    I posted this a few years ago but many of you may not have seen it.
    It is very easy, for me and others, to find your personal details and your address and phone number could be one of the easiest. You may have already removed some of your information but if you have not or have moved home, you should check again and start with
    If you are listed, you need to fill the "Removal of Personal Data from" form. No need to join or subscribe. You will get an email to which you should reply to confirm removal and your personal details will be removed.
    This is only one way scammers and fraudsters find your details and there are many others.

    • Good advice Vera. You should also never put your, or a family photo on a public website/forum: https..

    • Once you have removed yourself from 192, google your full name. You may be very surprised with the r..

    • @Ve... There was nothing on 192 about me but thanks.

    • I was there with name , post code and phone number so have requested removal, need to check in 24 ho..

    • Boots @Bo... you should get an email which you will need to click on to confirm, Selsey @Se... and ..

    • Yes I've done the verification bit - it says details will be removed within 24 hours

    • I am not known anywhere? Do I exist?

    • Good to see I`m not there!!

    • @Vi... You're well documented on the Web! Google your name.

    • The Google thing is interesting as my Scoop Loop details turn up-even the hoody I was trying to sell..

    • @Kr... The item has been cached (the small down-pointing arrow), so it is there forever!

    • @Ve... - when I googled my name, came up with my F/book name which is terrible! Will that be removed..

    • No!! can nothing EVER be deleted?!! I deleted a load of photos after seeing the TV programme about h..

    • What downward point arrow @Se...? The one next to my profile icon? I clicked that-it`s for saved p..

    • Selsey @Se..., maybe @Jo... can help you with your email problem. This is only one way of showing ..

    • I never get any personal spam calls or emails only the occasional ones where numbers are computer ge..

    • @Jo... I hope you didn't Google me and see me in shhh...a beard.

    • If so worried about security, why not just give up the internet? Many you tube clips posted here......

    • Hi Vera,.....Please Help,....Just tried to remove my data from 192 and it came up with the following..

    • @Al... Very funny Brian!!!

    • On to the next alias Brian!.......... We have a list of them!

    • Clive @Cl... please remove the two above comments as they are off topic. This is a serious topic.

    • A member needs help. On trying to remove details got an error message " Your request has been automa..

    • @Ve... I can't help with that (maybe just start again) but what about Whitepages Vera? Aren't all ou..

    • Hatty @Ha... you could be correct. I'm not will to put my bank details on web sites therefore unable t..


    • Never heard of Whitepages - probably just as well.

    • We are all traceable through something. Nobody is totally private in the world. I agree with checkin..

    • I agree Dawn @Da..., if anyone wants to look into me they would soon get bored. I just want to stop ..

    • A friend used to share this whole life on FB including holiday pics. They were burgled while on holi..

    • That is one of the things I am always telling people. Unfortunately, it is a waste of time trying to..

    • @Jo... that’s my point though. I totally agree with you about posting things on social media but ju..

    • @Da... Morning Dawn. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to be completely anonymous and u..

    • That's very useful @Jo...

    • @Jo... again John I agree with you. My point is that even if you dont use social media at all your ..

    • @Da.... Agreed. Why aren't you wearing a mask!

    • Here is my experience of what can happen if you are identifiable and/or make a 'friend' on a public ..

    • My husband doesn’t use social media but I can google him and his life comes up because of something ..

    • @Jo... because I am not me lol

    • Just checked Facebook and looks like I somehow have all the right security but thanks .

    • @Ve... Thanks for your advise. Will remove my details from 192 later on.

    • I`ve had problems with mental unstable people on social media too. Someone I chatted to for years-I ..

    • I don't know if everyone understands exactly why you should remove from 192. Not only may it stop nu..

    • @Ve... presuming that that is where they got the info from of course

    • @Da... who can tell, best safe than sorry.

    • 192 just displays public domain information and electoral roll data - stuff that's already out there..

    • @Ve... I searched Whitepages (advanced search) and found my birth and two marriage records - no bank..

    • The worrying feature of 192, is what is available if you click the button to the right of the entry...

    • 192 information available.

    • @Jo... = does that come under 'paid for' info?

    • I tried Whitepages but only American people were on there

    • I'm not American, Boots!

    • All information from public accessible databases 192 is basically a search tool which try's to make ..

    • @Jo... It looks like publicly available information to me. We can all look up birth, marriage and d..

    • @Bo...

    • Whitepages UK not .com

    • I tried to sign up but it said my email address already in use - seems to be find my past

    • @Le... White pages UK is defunct.

    • @Ha... - couldn't find me in the basic search either by phone (not ex-directory) or place.

    • @Se... I think that is because you moved to go incognito!

    • @Jo... - what, on 192?

    • @Se... Yes. I would have expected you to find your previous address there.

    • Strange I googled that and got something!

    • @Jo... - I admit to being a bit insignificant so I'm not surprised! I'll probably be playing with t..

    • Had a message today from a friend saying don’t use WhatsApp but all change to Signal for privacy.

    • @An... WhatsApp is encrypted end to end:

    • @Jo... this what is making people suggest WhatsApp should now be avoided

    • Perhaps I don’t need change as my Facebook name is different from my WhatsApp plus different email a..

    • @An... If information is encrypted there is noting to worry about. Facebook and Google are completel..

    • To return to the subject of the posts, if you use an anonymous name, and do not use a photo, never p..

    • I'm amazed at people who think its ok to post email or mobile no in a thread rather than sending a p..

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