Wedding Dance Workshops

**Even a Single First Dance Lesson Can Make a Huge Difference on Your Big Day**

Let's face it, it's not easy for a man to stand up in front of people and dance. It doesn't come naturally to him, especially as a groom. But, the first dance cannot be avoided.

Any couple can go for the "wedding dance shuffle". We all have seen it: the wedding couple shuffling their feet on the same spot; hands and arms hanging down lifeless; the upper body swinging out of tune. Both the couple and the guests want it over as soon as possible. It shouldn't be this way. You have only one chance to make a great impression with your first dance on the big day.

The first dance is the only time when all eyes are on you; the guests, the cameras, children and grown-ups. All waiting for the two of you to dance as a married couple. It's the highlight of the day and there's magic in this moment! The flow of the wedding gown on the floor as you walk to the sound of your first dance song. It's awesome.