Warrina Designs

Australian indigenous art is considered as the oldest ongoing traditional art form in the world. Consisting of symbols as a means of communication, the Aboriginal art depicts life on Earth, rituals, customs, food, religious forms, and ceremonial decorations. At Warrina Designs, we have grown with the old age art form to become the largest specialist business of contemporary and unique.

Aboriginal artwork in Australia.

Established in 1993, under M&S Textiles Australia, we print Aboriginal artwork on 100% cotton fabrics for quilting and patchwork industries. Our online art store has a large collection of,

Decor - Aboriginal paintings

Women Store - Hand bags, hats, scarves, umbrella

Men Store - Ties

Home & Kitchen - Rugs, aprons, table runners

Fabrics - Quilting

With the most authentic artwork, we strive to bring the Aboriginal culture closer to the community. Our artists create the most durable artifacts and handcrafted treasures which can be purchased directly from our store.

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136 Cromwell St, Collingwood Vic 3066, Australia, Collingwood, 3066